1. Business philosophy: Highly Respected, Integrity Always

Degao adheres to professional ethics and wins the market with good ethics. Adhere to the principle of good faith and pursue the sustainable development of the enterprise, so that we will always be a reliable partner for customers.

2. Entrepreneurship: Dedication to serve the country, pursuit of excellence

Degao takes it as its mission to serve the country through industry and develop business through science and technology, constantly pursuing excellent business performance, contributing to the community where it is located, promoting the development of my country's equipment manufacturing industry, and doing its best to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

3. Corporate mission

Efforts to create a platform to gather a group of people who have the same values, are enthusiastic about the application of new technologies, and are willing to devote all their energy to jointly promote the development of applied technology, and then contribute to society.

4. Corporate Vision

Be able to become the world's most outstanding company in the field of equipment manufacturing, so that people who work hard for a common cause can live and work in peace and work, and jointly build a beautiful home for Degao.

5. Management policy

Adhere to the market-oriented business policy, the business operation is customer-centric, the pursuit of maximum corporate value is the principle, customer satisfaction is the work standard, and the product space is continuously expanded, business processes and service content are improved, and the development of the market is closely followed. To be a long-term partner of customers.

6. Business direction

The short to medium term business direction is concentrated on the manufacturing of printing and dyeing automation equipment, with key breakthroughs in technology and quality, striving to become an international equipment supplier, and get rid of the disadvantageous situation of competing in the low-level market.

Resource sharing projects is priority choice. The diversification of products and business fields should be carried out closely around resource sharing, and other attractive projects should not be carried out to avoid the dispersion of effective resources. For small projects outside of the plan, employees are encouraged to carry out their own internal entrepreneurial activities and support employees to transform good ideas into products or services that customers need, so as to promote the maximum use of company resources.