Pre-sale service commitment

1. Provide professional consultation: We will answer any professional technical questions you raise within 24 hours;

2. Provide detailed information: We will mail out all the technical information you need within 24 hours;

3. Provide a reasonable quotation: We make a reasonable quotation for the products you require;

4.Provide inspection reception: We will receive your inspection at any time and provide you with various convenient conditions

In-sale service commitment

1.We will treat every contract seriously, fairly, rigorously and honestly;

2.We strictly implement the provisions of the contract on time, quality and quantity;

3.We provide you with production, installation, commissioning, training and other services in accordance with the provisions of the contract;

After-sales service commitment

1.After-sales service hotline: If your equipment needs to be repaired, or if you have any technical questions, please call the above number directly to contact our after-sales service department.

2.After-sales service policy: From the date of arrival, the quality is "three guarantees" for one year and lifetime maintenance.

3.Sound customer files: complete customer equipment files, and each service activity is recorded in detail, which can be inquired and analyzed at any time to make reasonable decisions.

4.Perfect quality supervision system:

After the first commissioning or arrival of the new equipment, a telephone return visit will be conducted within 7-20 days;

After each on-site service, a telephone return visit to the user's usage within 5-10 days;

After acceptance, reply within 24 hours.