It's said that most of Degao are outsourcing. How to guarantee the quality and control the cost?
Date : 2020-11-30 Views: 253

Today's society is a society of division of labor and cooperation. Just like Huawei and apple, we all do our best to make excellent products. Although we don't have our own processing equipment, we have excellent supply channels to ensure the quality of our parts. Rotary screen printing machine is a kind of complex mechatronics equipment Even in the aspect of machinery, there are all kinds of parts processing. Now no equipment factory can complete its own products independently, just like Jilong. Quality assurance needs the cooperation of design, procurement, processing, inspection, production, installation, after-sales and other links to get a good result. We just focus more on technology and management, so as to ensure the final quality. Cost control includes not only the cost of product materials, but also R & D cost, after-sales cost and management cost. These are what every manufacturer must face. If they pay too much attention to cost, they will only survive by doing a few small projects every year, just like some small-scale manufacturers in the market. However, they will bring long-term risks to customers, such as the continuous upgrading of after-sales and products There's no guarantee.