Fierce competition in wallpaper industry sets off a climax of channel sinking
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At present, the third and fourth class market has gradually become a hot spot for building materials enterprises. Especially with the development of "building materials to the countryside" activities, the wallpaper industry set off a high tide of channel sinking. Many wallpaper manufacturers have taken the channel sinking as the focus of the next step. However, enterprises can not simply copy the successful model of the first and second tier cities, but should make targeted layout according to the market characteristics of the third and fourth tier cities.

Do fine work and do it according to one's ability

Wallpaper is an imported product, which started later than other industries in China. At present, it is in a period of rapid development, and many large enterprises have begun to run horses and enclosure. Although this is helpful to brand building, for some small and medium-sized enterprises that are just starting, there are many deficiencies in capital, management, production capacity and so on, which still need to be done according to their ability.

Some people in the industry believe that in the strategy of channel sinking, small enterprises must not blindly follow big enterprises, and regional intensive cultivation is more practical. Especially when the Pan home furnishing industry is still in recession, enterprises need to be pragmatic and step by step.

Developing middle and low end products

Consumers in the third and fourth tier cities pay more attention to product prices. But at present, most of the wallpaper products are mainly aimed at the consumers in the first and second tier cities. Therefore, enterprises must make use of their advantages in technology and talents to adjust their product lines and develop new products that meet the needs of the third and fourth tier markets.

Innovative marketing mode

With the increasingly fierce competition in the wallpaper industry, enterprises have begun to broaden channels to expand market share.

Many third - and fourth tier cities have an increasing demand for wallpaper, and their market gap has become increasingly prominent. Some people in the industry believe that the tertiary and tertiary market may become a treasure land for the wallpaper industry. Therefore, wallpaper enterprises should take active actions, enhance the strategic height, formulate product plans in line with the third and fourth tier market, and create a marketing mode different from the first and second tier cities.

Guarantee the interests of dealers

The dealers in the third and fourth level market are also the partners of wallpaper enterprises. As we all know, the loyalty of dealers is the guarantee for the long-term development of enterprises. Especially in the wallpaper industry, most of the agents are agents of multiple brands of products, so how to maintain the cooperative relationship with the third and fourth tier market dealers and make them have a certain loyalty to the products is very important for the development of enterprises in the third and fourth tier cities.

First of all, enterprises should form their own business philosophy and brand culture, because the recognition of business philosophy and brand culture is the basis for dealers to be loyal to a certain brand. Depending on the influence of corporate culture, gaining a certain popularity and reputation in the third and fourth tier market will become an important way for enterprises to obtain end consumers. Secondly, how to ensure the profit margin of distributors in the third and fourth tier cities is also the key point. Therefore, in order to make a difference in the third and fourth level market, wallpaper enterprises need to adjust the channel interests and channel function division, and need to grasp a balance point.

At present, there is little difference in the scale of businesses in the three or four level market, only the strong but not the king. Many business analysis: if you want to be the king of the third and fourth level market, in addition to expanding the business scope, in order to obtain a larger market share, you also need the support and help of manufacturers, so that businesses can enhance their marketing ability and grasp more profit opportunities.