2013 home decoration industry may welcome "spring"
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2013 has just started. Although it has suffered severe cold, from the perspective of home decoration market, it seems that it has not entered the "cold winter" like the weather. With the competition of the major real estate sales in Chuncheng, the trend of small consumption climax also appeared in the home decoration industry. So which direction will the home decoration industry develop in 2013? What kind of fashion trend will appear in home decoration? Recently, the reporter conducted a related interview.

After the Spring Festival will usher in the home decoration season

At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, most real estate will have promotional measures, which, to some extent, also makes the trend of "rising ship", but now the home decoration market can only say that the prospect is very good, because many families are in the stage of research, observation and understanding, to put it into practice, it may be the real peak season in spring.

Industry insiders said: "from the current point of view, the new decoration of the family may not be many, after all, this is related to many factors." It can be said that the home decoration market was not hot last year, and the months of May, June, September and October were not as hot as the traditional peak season before. However, in 2013, it seems that the home decoration market has a rising trend.

Modern simplicity is still the leading direction of home decoration

From the perspective of style, the audience of modern simple style is more and more extensive. "Modern simple style is very popular at present, and it is no longer exclusively for young people. Many families are required to fully reflect their own characteristics on the basis of simplicity," industry related people said in an interview

Modern simple style of home decoration is mainly black, white, beige and other colors, but this simple is not equal to simple, is the extension of design and ideas after careful consideration and innovation, not simple stacking and plain display. Modern simple home decoration must proceed from reality, avoid blindly follow the trend without considering other factors. Industry insiders believe that the pace of modern life is speeding up, and people are becoming more and more pragmatic. The heavy and cumbersome decoration style will make the space smaller and make the residents feel heavier. Therefore, simplicity will still be the mainstream of the market. The design of modern simple style home decoration will leave consumers enough imagination space and enough elastic space. People can make more casual changes according to the development of the trend. This may be the difference between modern simple style and other styles.

Move and attract customers with new measures

Now there are many home decoration companies, so how to impress customers has become the most important place for home decoration companies. The reporter learned that many home decoration companies from the end of last year, have been constantly put forward innovative measures, and strive to occupy a place in the coming home decoration season.

In this year's home decoration market, the "big package" mode will certainly be greatly improved. As long as the home decoration company can improve its service better, many people will not choose the time-consuming and laborious "Light Industry auxiliary materials" or go to the construction team by themselves.

"Price war" may be gone forever

Over the years, decoration materials market often appears the scene of price competition, although in some cases let consumers get the benefits, but many times this kind of competition is not desirable, and gradually find out the way of consumers are no longer blindly pursuing low prices.

The home store is still the first choice for consumers to buy home building materials. However, what consumers want to see is that businesses are no longer just fighting for the best price. The most important thing is to improve the products, produce and design better and more beautiful home products, so that consumers have more choices. Mr. Liu, who is about to be renovated, said in an interview: "we pay more attention to good products and good services, but we don't pay much attention to the price." At the same time, the concept of environmental protection will also be the focus of 2013. Home decoration low-carbon environmental protection not only represents a trend, but also represents the health, nature and safety of home life, as well as a low-cost and low-cost lifestyle.

It is understood that "low carbon home decoration" has become the most concerned theme of home decoration because it is linked with health. Many home decoration companies have been playing the slogan of "environmental protection and low carbon", vigorously advocating low-carbon decoration to create a healthy home environment. Now the life of "environmental protection and low-carbon" is more and more popular among fashion people, and the consumer market of household products has gradually set off a "low-carbon" upsurge.