Popular keywords of wallpaper industry in 2012
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Hot key words (1) -- fierce competition

The crazy development of the industry presents an irrational situation, which leads to the equipment, technology, R & D ability, talent reserve, management resources and other factors far behind the development speed, which directly leads to the homogenization of equipment and technology, and finally becomes the homogenization of products in the market, even the version name is the same. Counterfeiting and plagiarism have become a major disorder in the development of the industry, causing great trouble to the establishment of brands and the protection of intellectual property rights of products.

Hot key words (2) -- overcapacity

In the annual inventory of the wallpaper industry, "overcapacity" is the first keyword to be thought of by everyone, and it is also the most popular keyword in the industry this year. Whether it is the industry association, the industry media, or the wallpaper enterprises themselves, they have deeply realized the reality of "overcapacity". According to incomplete statistics: in 2010, the domestic wallpaper market demand totaled 160 million rolls, but the actual output far exceeded this figure. By 2011, with the construction of new factories and the continuous launch of new production lines, there were more than 400 production lines in China. According to the monthly production of 100000 pieces of each production line, there was one The production line is 12 million a year, and the annual output of more than 400 production lines reaches 480 million rolls. Assuming that the market demand in 2011 is also set at 160 million rolls (regardless of the increasing market demand), then from the comparison of the output and actual demand in 2011, the wallpaper industry has a surplus of nearly 300 million rolls this year.

According to the data from the customs and domestic manufacturers, the output of domestic wallpaper in 2010 was 160 million rolls, 860 million square meters, and that of imported wallpaper was about 200 million square meters. It is estimated that by the end of 2011, there will be more than 230 domestic wallpaper manufacturers. According to this conservative estimate, the domestic wallpaper production will reach 1.5 billion square meters by the end of 2011, an increase of 70% over 2010, and the per capita will reach 1.15 square meters, excluding imported wallpaper.

From the above simple calculation data, we can see that the situation of "overcapacity" is very serious.

Overcapacity is the norm of market economy. Its emergence is closely related to the development planning, normal expansion and economic cycle of enterprises. To change this situation depends on two conditions: one is the degree of market development, market information should be able to accurately reflect the market situation, and the market should be able to guide the free and correct flow of production factors; the other is the ability of enterprises to judge market information and make investment decisions according to the judgment. As long as these two conditions are not met, low-level repeated construction is inevitable.

Wallpaper industry should not simply control the scale of investment, but should make overall plans, reduce and eliminate backward production capacity through structural adjustment, expand advanced production capacity and adjust capacity stock to prevent overcapacity.

Hot key words (3) -- price war

Why do some stores sell wallpaper with similar appearance for 200 yuan per square meter, while others only sell it for 120 yuan per square meter? Some stores are even lower? The price war in the wallpaper market can be seen everywhere. This year, the price war has become more and more intense. At the exhibition, some manufacturers even made a leaflet about the price of 48 yuan for non-woven wallpaper. The price war not only weakens the profits of the industry, but also makes the market more chaotic, seriously damaging the interests of manufacturers, consumers and dealers. Although the low price of some small brand wallpaper is easier to get the favor of some consumers at first, it often leads to a lot of dissatisfaction from consumers due to the low quality of products and poor service. Many consumers choose a low price, but also often sacrifice the service they should get, and can not enjoy the home enjoyment brought by high-quality wallpaper. From the long-term development of the wallpaper industry, "price war" is not the magic weapon to win, but also hindered the healthy development of the industry, and brand wallpaper will have a greater space for growth.

No matter which enterprise, profit is the lifeblood of the enterprise. How can the enterprise sustain if it is not profitable for a long time? How do employees develop? There is a Korean saying: it is immoral for businessmen not to make money. In China's wallpaper industry, enterprises can not do without profits. The more underground the profits are, the less conducive to the development of the industry. But at present, many wallpaper brands are short-sighted. In order to gain short-term market share and cause vicious competition, they rely on low prices to attract consumers. As a result, quality plummets, forcing other brands to reduce prices. In the end, they are unable to return to the sky because of low profits, harming others and themselves.

Some people say that low price is a temporary strategy. We should seize the market first, control the pricing power after we have a market position, and sell as much as we want. As everyone knows, when enterprises sell at low prices, they have already set prices for such products in the whole industry and put on shackles. Consumers will audit similar products of the whole industry according to this standard. If the product is not an absolute monopoly, if the product is not an investment product, then once the price falls, it is difficult to go back.

Wallpaper brands should have a foothold in the market and have better development opportunities. Wallpaper belongs to a small category of Pan household. An enterprise can subdivide the wallpaper industry, make a certain subdivision field bigger and stronger, and become the first brand of a certain category of wallpaper. This is the opportunity!

In these areas, high-end materials are the best choice for wallpaper, such as natural wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper and fabric wallpaper. In recent years, under the guidance of the trend of green environmental protection and return to nature, people are increasingly advocating natural materials for decorations. In the aspect of wall decoration materials, we gradually abandon the widely used but not environmentally friendly adhesive face wallpaper, and favor the wallpaper products made of natural materials. Natural material products not only meet the needs of consumers, but also cater to the development direction of the industry. Non woven wallpaper is based on pure non-woven paper. The surface is printed with water-based ink and coated with special materials. The utility model has the advantages of sound absorption, air permeability, moisture dispersion, no deformation, etc. A business person in charge also boldly predicted that "non woven wallpaper will become an important product in the wallpaper industry". Fabric wallpaper is also a popular product in recent years, known as "breathing wallpaper". Its rich texture, strong air permeability, environmental protection and other properties are the important advantages of market-based. Fabric wallpaper is also concerned. It is understood that fabric wallpaper is mainly made of silk, wool, cotton, hemp and other fibers as the surface layer, with gauze or paper as the base material, completely eliminating the adverse factors affecting health, so it is regarded as the wallpaper with the highest safety.

Hot keywords (4) -- abnormal growth

Behind the keyword "overcapacity", it leads to the crazy growth of the industry. When the reporter interviewed the leaders of many wallpaper enterprises, many people talked about that 2011 was a year of crazy growth in the wallpaper industry. No matter the number of wallpaper brands, the number of wallpaper production enterprises, or the number of production lines, they were all growing at an amazing speed. At present, the number of wallpaper brands, wallpaper production enterprises, or the number of production lines in the whole country is growing at an alarming rate The number of wallpaper brands in China exceeded 1000, and the wallpaper manufacturers soon broke through the 200 mark. According to conservative estimates, the number of production lines has now exceeded 400, which has doubled compared with the number in the same period last year.

In 2010, China's wallpaper industry entered a rapid development. Until the second half of 2011, it was in a state of rapid expansion. However, since the end of 2011, China's wallpaper market has been affected by the regulation of the property market, and the overall pattern of the whole wallpaper market has changed, and the growth rate has slowed down greatly. However, the wallpaper industry really entered the off-season and winter, which is more obvious at the end of 2011 and continues to this day in 2012. Although there is a slight recovery trend in the low-end wallpaper market due to the rise of affordable housing, industry insiders predict that the weak market will last until 2013 at least.

Although in the past China Building Materials Exhibition, wallpaper exhibition and international wallpaper exhibition, every exhibition is full of people, and there are a lot of customers on the field. The number of completed orders and successful cases of investment promotion are not small. The wallpaper manufacturers participating in the exhibition have gained a lot. However, the entire wallpaper industry, whether it is wallpaper manufacturers, wallpaper dealers, said that turnover in the decline.

With the impact of the real estate regulatory policies on the wallpaper market, senior "wallpaper man" said: at present, the whole Chinese consumers have not fully accepted the imported household products of wallpaper. Therefore, with the growth of the real estate market alone, the expanding wallpaper market will greatly fluctuate with the real estate market. And it has hysteresis.

Therefore, only when the property market regulation policy is not relaxed, the wallpaper market will also be in a weak market. Although in the second half of 2012, after strict control, China's real estate market has leveled off. People in the wallpaper industry said that the complete recovery of the wallpaper market will take time.

According to the lag degree of reshuffle in previous years, the recovery of the wallpaper industry may need to wait until after 2013, and may not be able to return to the general strong momentum of 2010 and 2011.

Hot key words (5) -- channel expansion

"Where there are people, there is a house, where there is a house, there is a need for decoration, and where there is a need for decoration, there will be opportunities.". In 2011, when the channel war of wallpaper enterprises in the first and second tier cities was raging, some enterprises had already begun to deploy the third and fourth tier markets. When I visited the market in a small town in the south, I found that wallpaper stores have been opened here, and familiar wallpaper brands such as Yulan and Ouya can be seen here. In a small building materials market, there are more than ten stores specializing in wallpaper, and there are several stores. In the face of the county and town level market and the vast rural market, the person in charge of wallpaper enterprises described it as "a piece of market fat meat", and "channel sinking" has become an important part of enterprise development strategy.

Many middle and low-end brand dealers have clearly realized that in the face of the increasingly saturated primary market, the secondary and tertiary markets have taken over the baton of the primary market by virtue of their own objective conditions and market potential to be developed.

In the past year, after experiencing the pains of rising raw material and labor costs, increasing store rents, and sluggish market, the dealers in the wallpaper industry have gradually matured. When I investigated the market in Urumqi, I learned that: from the second half of last year, dealers began to take the initiative to enhance their market competitiveness by taking a series of measures such as improving service quality, innovating sales mode and sinking channels, and many of them reversed the situation of mediocre performance.

Enhance brand awareness

Now more and more dealers begin to realize the importance of expanding the market with brand. Jiazhiyun wallpaper is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in wallpaper sales in Xinjiang. It is also the first local enterprise to take the brand route. At present, it is cooperating with many foreign famous brands, such as Germany AISI, Korea Yuli, UK Dimo, etc. The person in charge of the company introduced to the author that in order to be bigger and stronger, dealers should have brand awareness and be "brand dealers". For this point, most dealers have reached a consensus, and many of them have tasted the sweetness.

However, how to implement the brand strategy according to local conditions still needs dealers to continue to work hard this year. Only by continuously improving their management level, dealers can further provide consumers with considerate after-sales service to win the favor of the market.

Channel diversification becomes a trend

With the national property market regulation from provincial capital cities to prefecture level cities, coupled with the adverse impact of consumption upgrading, the living environment of low-end wallpaper products is deteriorating, and many dealers have to focus on some mature county-level markets. It can be said that channel sinking is the general trend. Many middle and low-end brand dealers have clearly realized that in the face of the increasingly saturated primary market, the secondary and tertiary markets have taken over the baton of the primary market by virtue of their own objective conditions and market potential to be developed.

No matter how the market changes this year, it is certain that the dealers will focus on expanding the secondary and tertiary markets while stabilizing the primary market.

During the investigation, the author also learned that many local powerful dealers have formulated the marketing strategy of channel sinking and market segmentation in the current market depression. They play the offensive expansion card, and strive to broaden the sales channels to make up for the lack of single store sales. According to the person in charge of Xinjiang jiazhiyun wallpaper, in the context of the overall market downturn last year, the company has achieved good results, which is mainly due to its sustainable development of invisible channel resources. The company through continuous business training to improve the quality of the salesman, salesman quality promotion for the expansion of its invisible channel increased professional advantage.

At the same time, business personnel through the design company, tooling company, home decoration company and other resource segmentation, mining out a large number of "customers in the customer", so that enterprises easily grasp the initiative of the market.

In addition, in the face of the current market situation, some dealers in Urumqi change their business concept and actively look for business opportunities.

Hot key words (6) -- network marketing

It has become an indisputable fact that e-commerce has begun to invade the home furnishing industry in an all-round way. More and more wallpaper enterprises begin to join the industry. They search for "wallpaper" on Taobao, and then they find more than 1 million related products. There are more than 10 wallpaper brand stores in Taobao Mall, such as Yulan, Grammy, aishe, Zhishang aesthetics, Boyi and so on. When interviewed by the media, we learned that there are not a few enterprises brewing to develop e-commerce channels. I believe that in the near future, there will be more brands to join the army of e-commerce.

In the face of the gradual increase of real estate regulation and the continuous rise of raw materials and labor costs, more and more home furnishing enterprises begin to take corresponding countermeasures in marketing channels to seize the market position. Some people in the industry believe that creating three-dimensional marketing to promote sales will become a good medicine for enterprises to "keep warm". As wallpaper is a low attention and high penetration industry, many enterprises begin to pay attention to the establishment of a wide range of sales network, and increase efforts to build sales outlets in second and third tier cities.

Unite with home decoration company

Home decoration company and home store are two aspects to be contacted in the process of home decoration. Nowadays, the cross-border cooperation between home decoration companies and home furnishing enterprises is more and more frequent, and the joint fight for their own interests has become a main trend of "group heating".

For home furnishing enterprises, combining with home furnishing companies can obtain more promotion channels for their products, bring home furnishing design into exclusive stores, provide value-added services for owners, and intervene in customers' decoration from earlier links, which also increases the selling points of products. For home decoration companies, their cooperation saves the cost of renting space and publicity, can give the money saved to consumers, and can also make use of the brand's popularity, influence and credibility to build momentum for them. Because this kind of cooperation form is very simple, and can be mutually beneficial, has become the most popular mode of home furnishing enterprises and home decoration companies.

According to manager Deng of Hangzhou langang cloth art Co., Ltd., langang has adopted diversified channels and three-dimensional marketing strategies from traditional channels, engineering market to cooperation with home decoration companies and group buying. "For example, in Hangzhou, we have a very close cooperation with home decoration companies. Under the premise that the wallpaper market in Hangzhou is not very optimistic on New Year's day this year, the success rate of our cooperation with home decoration companies has increased steadily." Manager Deng told me. It is understood that this kind of industry alliance