Opportunities and challenges of digital printing industry in 2020
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In 2020, a sudden epidemic will press the pause button for the world, and the digital printing industry will be seriously affected. However, with the control of the epidemic, the market will slowly recover and the market will slowly recover. Orders of digital printing enterprises are also gradually increasing. The terminal demand oriented by personalized customers, small quantity, fast delivery, high quality and changeable patterns will force the traditional production mode of textile printing and dyeing with large quantity and slow delivery to be abandoned; the social demand oriented by energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable development will force the traditional textile printing and dyeing Industrial transformation and technology upgrading of the industry. Digital printing technology is suitable for these two needs to enter the printing industry in China. Compared with developed countries, the development of digital printing technology in China lags behind seriously. Since 2001, the global textile digital ink-jet printing volume has almost doubled every two years, showing a trend of accelerated development. Europe's digital ink-jet printing has always been in the forefront of the global digital ink-jet printing industry, and is the largest demand and production place of digital ink-jet printing products. Digital ink-jet printing has penetrated into various fields of textiles, such as design, clothing, home textiles, automobile decoration, advertising, personalized customization, online stores, etc. Especially in recent years, it has changed from design proofing mode to small batch production mode, and gradually developed to mass production. At present, more than 90% of European printing enterprises use digital ink-jet printing proofing, and the output of digital ink-jet printing products accounts for about 30% of the total output of their printing products.

With the improvement of the level of social and economic development, the concept of textile market consumption has also changed. People's consumption of "multi type, natural color, short cycle, value of civilization, creativity and environmental protection" textiles is necessary to increase day by day. With the increasing demand for printing, the traditional printing industry has to fundamentally innovate, and the development space of digital printing is very large.