Our 1680 mm large return rotary screen printing machine Successful production in Tanzania!
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At the beginning of December 2020, our company's dge7280c 1680 mm large return rotary screen printing machine was successfully put into production in beautiful Tanzania! And won the unanimous praise of customers!

Dge7280 rotary screen printing machine breaks the limitation that rotary screen printing machine can only print fixed loopback. Loopback can be set arbitrarily, especially with the breakthrough of super large loopback rotary screen printing machine technology. Rotary screen printing can meet the needs of textile printing with arbitrary loopback from 577mm to 2500mm.

The breakthrough of this technology has completely broken the boundary between flat screen printing and rotary screen printing. I believe that more and more customers will replace flat screen printing machine with adjustable return rotary screen, which can not only improve production efficiency, save energy and reduce emissions, but also greatly save the space occupied by equipment, so as to enhance the market competitiveness of customers!