DGE7280A high speed and high precision
DGE7280A high speed and high precision
DGE7280A high speed and high precision DGE7280A high speed and high precision
DGE7280A high speed and high precision Views:960

Nominal width(cm): 180、200、220、240、260、280、300、320、340、360

Effective printing width(mm): 1620、1850、2050、2250、2450、2650、2850、3050、3250、3450

Standard color: 4、6、8、10、12、14、16、20

Applicable printing length(mm): 577、640、820、914、1018

Main Features :

◎High-speed precise printing, the process speed is 100m/min, and the printing accuracy can be called the industry benchmark.

◎A wide range of printing ability, with a weight range of 80~600g/㎡, full coverage printing of woven, knitted, flannel, and blankets.

◎DGE’s latest tenth-generation automatic alignment system, No wrong printing when speed up and down.

◎The whole machine adopts modular design, combination of scraper and magnetic bar at will,  process arrangement flexibility.

◎Open Gear structure ,convenient and quick to change the Screen.

◎Special printing magnetic table: the pressure of the magnetic bar can be adjusted steplessly, even coloring, strong permeability.

◎The whole printing unit is lifted and lowered electrically, the replacement of the friction plate ,the cleaning and maintenance are simple.

◎The unique design of the printing belt drive without correction roller, stable operation and no deviation.

◎Germany integrated printing belt drive motor gearbox, high precision, maintenance-free, and long lifespan.

◎Dedicated wear-resistant printing belt, high precision, no wrong printing at the joints.

◎The stainless steel washing device of the printing belt , which has a high cleaning rate and saves water.

◎Muti-functional Permeation Roller ,Automatic Cleaning , uniform pressure to satisfy the printing of different repeat size. 

◎System failure self-diagnosis display, remote diagnosis and maintenance which is more convenient and efficient.

◎7 kinds of cloth feeding options, 7 kinds of drying units, to meet customer's individual production needs.

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