DGE7280C repeat length variable
DGE7280C repeat length variable
DGE7280C repeat length variable Views:301

Nominal width(cm): 180、200、220、240、260、280、300、320、340、360

Effective printing width(mm): 1620、1850、2050、2250、2450、2650、2850、3050、3250、3450

Standard color: 3、6、9、12

Applicable printing length(mm): universal repeat length 640、820、914、1018、1450 Variable repeat length 640 ~ 1828


High speed and high accuracy printing, the printing speed is 100m/min, and the printing accurate is ±0.1mm.

Printing knitted fabric, woven fabric, and blanket, fabric weight range 80~600 g/m

Magnetic and squeegee arbitrary combination, Functional Module arbitrary combination.

Repeat length range 577~2412mm,you can set the repeat length and it can adjust automatically.  

Drying and fixing integrated design save 20% electric power and 50% water.

Artificial intelligence system, mobile monitor the production data, long distance operating parameters diagnosis, and artificial intelligence fault warning.

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